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We know that feeding our school-aged children healthy meals is everyone’s top priority. Norris Products can help you by offering reliable and affordable transport systems focused on delivering temperature-safe foods. Our goal is to provide a complete delivery solution using products that have been designed specifically for school nutrition programs.


“The team from Norris Products, including Debi Havens, came to us with great ideas and a great product. We told them that we were a small operation with a large area to cover. They examined our needs and came up with a solution that worked perfectly for Hendry County!!!”

“We have ordered several times from Norris Products and they are always stocked and ready to ship. We’ve used their insulated delivery bag transit sets in all of our schools and transported meals on buses with great success!”

“The bags are so well insulated – they keep our packs in a great cool environment taking care of our milk, juice, fruit and food items in each meal. They are very lightweight but very strong. Strong enough so that I might pack thirty or more breakfast meals in one bag knowing that the easy zipper is very strong and will hold up to any punishment or accident that may occur. What I really like most are how easy they clean up – because of this we have the time to clean them everyday so they are ready the next morning to be re-packed.”

“Norris’s product was on target for a promotion that we wanted to run for our Pancakes. Debi Haven was extremely helpful and so knowledgeable on her product line providing solid advice. Our customers loved the green Breakfast in the Classroom Bags that we ordered from Norris. They are well made, very insulated and completely efficient with extra pockets for paperwork. We would recommend this product for hot or cold transport and had a great experience with Norris as a vendor.”

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