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Product Development & Sourcing

Norris Corporation is a private label manufacturer, which means that a majority of the products we make have another Company’s name on them. Norris specializes in building programs that are customized to make business easier for you. No matter your outlet – B2B, retail or wholesale, online or catalogs, we take pride in not only providing a premium product, but catering to the needs of our customers. Starting with initial contact and design, through manufacturing, and ultimately delivering finished goods, Norris is happy to be a partner you can count on.

With over 25 years of industry experience, the Norris Team has the expertise to take any project, large or small, and turn your ideas into reality. Whether you are starting from scratch or have an existing product, Norris has the capabilities to provide you the highest of quality at the most aggressive prices.

Flight Outfitters

Case study: Flight Outfitters

More and more of our existing clients and new clients are coming to Norris Products to help them develop their own line of products under their “house” brand name.  Most of the time the driving factor in this is to not have to compete with Amazon.  In short, they control whether or not their product is on Amazon or not. Our customers are frustrated with spending their own marketing dollars to promote and create awareness for products that in the end only create new customers for Amazon and not themselves.

Case Study: Galls Front Seat Organizer

We were in discussions with the leading supplier in police officer equipment and tactical gear. Our goal was to help organize patrol officer’s paper documentation and various other required equipment. Our design team created a bag that securely fastened to the passenger seat in the cruiser keeping everything handy and organized. This solution has helped thousands of patrol officers and showed how Norris Corp can be given a problem and devise a solution. Since its initial debut in law enforcement, the Organizer has found a home in the medical courier community, sales reps, and other on the go professionals in need of organization.

Case Study: Handi-cart

Who doesn’t love being outdoors? One of the biggest challenges about being away from home is getting all of your things from A to B. Have you ever had to schlep a fully-loaded cooler from your car to the campsite? We partnered with a customer trying to attack this very problem. In doing so, we developed a lightweight folding cart that is ideal for everything from beach vacations to soccer practice. By utilizing cut & sew manufacturing paired with extrusion bending capabilities we were able to combine rugged nylon construction with a robust aluminum frame and bring the Handi-cart to life.

Medical Diagnostic Transportation

Case Study: Medical Diagnostic Transportation

We have worked with several prominent diagnostic companies and courier services to create solutions for specimen transportation. Whether the customer required a soft or hard-sided case, a robust hand cart, or a shippable option like corrugate or coroplast we have been able to offer several options to meet our customer’s needs.


We start with the design. The Norris team is highly skilled in taking what you have on a napkin and turning it into something you can be proud to sell. Whether it’s an existing product that needs a quick fix, or just an idea that you want to see come to life, let Norris be your helping hand in getting you where you want to go.


Manufacturing options are vast at Norris. With domestic manufacturing as well as partner factories overseas, Norris is able to give you what others cannot: quality, affordability, and security. Unparalleled 1 to 1 communication keeps you up to speed on a day to day basis with your project.Perhaps your project is not high volume, no problem – Norris handles lower quantity orders right here at home.


The final phase of the Norris cycle is fulfillment. Just as no two programs are the same, neither are any of the fulfillment options we offer. Terms, storage, and delivery are set up on a customer by customer basis, below are some of the general choices Norris provides:

FOB China
FOB Norris
FOB Customer
Drop Ship
Blind Drop Ship
Direct Ship to Customer
Stock and Ship

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